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The Expanse Season 6 Trailer Unveils a Universe At War

After six seasons, The Expanse is ending its run next month on Amazon Prime Video. However, the crew of the Rocinante isn’t going down without a fight, and we finally have a season 6 trailer to give us a look at what awaits.

As envisioned by James S. A. Corey (a pen name for collaborators and authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck), The Expanse shows viewers a darker side of humanity’s expansion into the cosmos. It’s not a Star Trek utopia, especially for the humans living in the asteroid belt without a planet to call their own. The Belters have been exploited for generations by their fellow humans on Earth and Mars. Now, the terrorist Marco Inaros has united the Belt behind him and unleashed a devastating war on the universe.

The war has already taken a personal toll on the crew of the Rocinante. Naomi Nagata shares a son with Marcos, whom they named Filip. But when Naomi tried to save Filip from Marcos’ corrupting influence, they held her hostage and attempted to set a lethal trap for Naomi’s friends on the Rocinante. Naomi managed to escape, but not everyoen was so fortunate. The crew has finally been reunited in Prime Video’s much-anticipated trailer, released today. And it looks like the Rocinante has one final mission to save the universe as they know it.

Back on Earth, UN Secretary General Chrisjen Avasarala has arranged for former Martian Marine Bobbie Draper to go deep into enemy territory to turn the tide against Marcos and his Free Navy. But Bobbie is going to need the Rocinante’s crew to get her there safely. Meanwhile, Marcos is attempting to hunt down Naomi’s friend, Drummer, after she betrayed his cause last season. It’s a lonely battle for Drummer, since her actions cost her the loyalty of many of her family and crewmates. However, the trailer indicates that Drummer will still have a few allies of her own.

Meanwhile, the Rocinante’s captain, James Holden, will discover the true scope of Marcos’ plan to devastate Earth and Mars. And if humanity doesn’t destroy itself, there’s an even bigger threat on the horizon. The alien presence that Holden has sensed for years is coming, and that’s what everyone should truly fear. Because compared to the aliens’ might, humanity is nothing.

The Expanse stars Steven Strait as James Holden, Dominique Tipper as Naomi Nagata, Wes Chatham as Amos Burton, Shohreh Aghdashloo as Chrisjen Avasarala, Cara Gee as Drummer, Frankie Adams as Roberta “Bobbie” W. Draper, Keon Alexander as Marco Inaros, Nadine Nicole as Clarissa Melpomene Mao, and Jasai Chase Owens as Filip Inaros.

Amazon Prime Video will premiere the first episode of The Expanse season 6 on December 10. The five remaining episodes will be released weekly thereafter.


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