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This Dyson-Like Cordless Vacuum Is $99 for Cyber Monday

Even if you don’t have the money for a Dyson on sale, that’s OK, because some of the best Cyber Monday deals include alternatives that offer powerful suction, reliable cleaning, and more. Take this Cyber Monday deal from Walmart, for example, which drops the price of the Wyze Cordless Stick Vacuum down to $97 with free shipping. That’s a discount of $52 on an already well-priced cleaning tool! It features 150 air watts (AW) or 24,000 pascals (Pa), which means it has a powerful motor that produces strong suction. You can read more about that Wyze cordless vacuum and its live deal below!

Today’s best cordless vacuum Cyber Monday deal

Why buy:

Look, robot vacuums are great, and that’s precisely why we have scooped up the best Cyber Monday robot vacuum deals to make shopping those so much easier too. But even with one of those, sometimes you just have to manually clean using a more conventional vacuum. Maybe there’s a spill the robot vacuum can’t reach. Maybe you need to clean the walls and corners of your home. What if you want to clean out the inside cabin of your vehicle? You’ll need a handheld! That’s precisely where the Wyze cordless stick vacuum comes into play. It can swap seamlessly between a stand-up style vacuum and a handheld unit.

Excellent for carpets, hard floors, and cleaning up pet hair, the Wyze cordless stick vacuum is powerful, reliable, and long-lasting. It has two motors, including the standard suction motor and another equipped in the brush head with 9,500 RPMs of power. That allows the brush to work even harder at cleaning floors, picking up all of your furry companion’s fur, hair, or dander. It’s also incredibly lightweight, weighing just under 3 pounds — 2.8 pounds, to be exact. That makes it easy to lug around, and your arms won’t grow tired, at least not for some time.

There are six daylight-bright LEDs embedded in the brush head so you can still see and clean dark areas in low-light conditions or put a spotlight on nasty debris to make sure you get it all! The three-stage filtration system cleans out contaminants and collects small particles like dust, dirt, dander, hair, and more. The one-finger release on the dustbin makes it easy and mess-free to empty into the trash. Plus, the dust cup, filters, and smaller components are washable. You can remove them easily and rinse them to keep them clean.

Normally, this Dyson-like cordless vacuum would set you back $149 or more, but Walmart’s Cyber Monday deal drops the price down to $97 with free shipping. You certainly won’t find a name-brand vacuum this low! Act soon.

When does this cordless vacuum Cyber Monday deal end?

We’re not sure when it ends, but likely by the end of the event. Walmart hasn’t specified an expiry date, but it will probably run out of stock before then! According to an Adobe Analytics report, out-of-stock alerts across retail websites have increased by 124% since pre-pandemic. Retailers are having a hard time keeping up with demand and keeping items stocked up! The microchip and materials shortages and other supply chain issues are mostly to blame. We strongly recommend shopping now. Don’t wait. You’ll miss this golden opportunity if you don’t take it.


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