How to Play Stealthily in Far Cry 6: Best Weapons and More

Far Cry 6 fully embraces guerilla warfare, which makes it the perfect time to brush up on your stealth skills. We know that arranging massive explosions and chaos can be fun, but few things are more satisfying in Far Cry than sneaking up on a settlement and taking out enemies one by one before they even know what’s happening.

Far Cry 6 has changed some things up when it comes to stealth, so we’re covering the latest effective strategies, the gear you need, and what tricks work best!

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Getting the right stealth gear

First, let’s talk about your equipment. The right gear can make or break a stealth build, and there are lots to choose from. It’s OK to experiment if you find gear that looks like it could be good for your stealth build, but we have a few specific pieces of advice when first putting together the gear:

Choosing your optimal stealth weapon

Great stealth requires a great weapon, and there are a few different paths you can take here in Far Cry 6. Here are some of the most effective setups.

Plan your takedowns carefully

Patience, as usual, is key to successful stealth. Scout out enemy locations carefully and try to track their movements if possible. If an enemy gets close to detecting you, slide and then sprint away. Stay out of the line of sight, and be wary of security cameras — these can be located in many different spots, including inside buildings, and will sound alarms if they spot you.

If you are stealthing up close, remember that Far Cry 6 allows for dual stealth takedowns. After a machete takedown, swivel to the other enemy and use the action button to use a throwing knife. It will get tricky if there are more than two enemies nearby!

If you are using a gun with a suppressor, remember to take it easy. Suppressors won’t work with rapid gunfire. Wait for a bit between shots to keep gunfire suppressed. Eventually, you’ll find a good rhythm.

Other tips and tricks to try