This Samsung Soundbar Is 50% OFF For Cyber Monday

There is no better time than right now if you want to treat yourself, and your home, to a cinema-like experience with a brand new soundbar. With the best Cyber Monday deals in full swing, you can get full stereo audio in your home cheaper than ever. Best Buy just discounted this premium Samsung soundbar by an insane amount: ! That’s right — you’re saving more than you’re spending if you shop right now, so be quick and get the cinema audio quality of your dreams before it’s all sold out.

Whether you’re a music buff or a cinema lover, if you appreciate amazing sound quality, you should jump right on this fantastic deal on Samsung’s 2.1-channel soundbar. Elegant and simple, it fits every space and transforms it into a professional studio, only to deliver the highest imaginable audio quality. On top of the excellent soundbar, Samsung also throws in a fully wireless subwoofer, making this one of the best Cyber Monday soundbar deals we’ve ever seen.

If you value good sound quality, you’ll likely be floored by the difference between using this soundbar and your old audio system. Owning a soundbar will truly enrich your viewing experience, bringing real immersion and turning your home into a theater. Samsung’s Dolby audio delivers crystal-clear, discernible notes that let you hear everything perfectly even during action-packed scenes. Although you can invest a little more and also get yourself a pair of Samsung rear speakers for true surround sound, even the soundbar alone creates an impression of being enveloped in the music — and it’s fully customizable thanks to the remote that it comes with.

The addition of the subwoofer adds a whole new layer to this 2.1-channel Samsung soundbar. The subwoofer vastly boosts bass, adding to the cinematic feeling already created by the soundbar itself. Every piece of the action on your TV screen fully translates into the sound around you, creating a much more lifelike experience. And if you’re listening to music, everyone knows that nothing hits just right the way perfectly optimized bass does in a great song — that’s why Samsung lets you adjust bass levels to match your tastes. Both the soundbar and the subwoofer are fully wireless and can be connected to your TV via Bluetooth. You can then control them with a remote or with buttons located directly on the soundbar.

This Samsung soundbar delivers supreme sound quality at a shockingly low price, making it one of the best soundbars for your money that you can find. A deal like this won’t stay available for long, so if you want to discover a whole new layer to the audio provided by your TV, get it now while supplies last. And if you think your TV could use a refresher too, remember that you can pair this Samsung soundbar with one of our favorite Cyber Monday TV deals.