Best Black Friday 70-inch TV Deals for November 2021

It’s the middle of October and retailers like Best Buy and Walmart have already started their official Black Friday TV deals, which means we’re already seeing 70-inch TV Black Friday deals floating around — and recommend taking advantage of them now. 70-inch TVs are one of the hottest must-have items this holiday season and manufacturers can’t keep up with demand due to the ongoing microchip shortage, so shelves are already starting to run bare.

The best Black Friday 70-inch TV deals can be found over in the Best Buy Black Friday deals section, with the standout being this 70-inch Samsung TU6985 4K TV, which has had its price cut from $750 to $600. This is also covered by the Best Buy Black Friday Price Guarantee, so it’ll refund the difference if it has it cheaper on November 26 — but at the rate 70-inch TV deals are flying off the shelves, we can’t see it having it in stock this time next month.

Today’s Best 70-inch TV Deals

Retailers with 70-inch TV Black Friday Deals Today

Some retailers are already offering 70-inch TV Black Friday deals, so if you don’t like the look of our recommendations of the best 70-inch TV deals you can shop today, head over and take a look yourself. You’ll want to move swiftly, though: Some of the best 70-inch TVs are already out of stock at a couple of them. Unsure what to buy? Choose the television in budget from our curated list of the best Black Friday 70-inch TV deals above — it’s the best you’ll get for the price.

Should You Shop the 70-inch TV Black Friday Deals Now?

In one word: YES. Black Friday deals started earlier than ever this year and that includes 70-inch TV Black Friday deals. What makes these more essential to shop now, though, is how high in demand 70-inch TVs are. Walmart, for example, virtually has no stock left of models from household names like LG and Samsung, and it won’t be long until other retailers find themselves in the same boat. People shopping for QLED TV deals are in the same boat too.

Sure, you can always wait and see what 70-inch TV Black Friday deals surface on Black Friday itself, but be prepared to waiting weeks for it to arrive, so if you want a new telly at the center of your entertainment setup in time for the holidays, best shop now. In fact, the Black Friday 70-inch TV deals we’re seeing today bring such considerable discounts that it’s hard to imaging them being any cheaper on Black Friday — maybe an extra $10 or $20 off, if anything.

How to Choose a 70-inch TV

Once you’ve settled on the size and are ready to start shopping for some 70-inch TV deals, it’s time to set a budget and do a little research before you get your credit card ready. The good news is that the days when you had to pony up a grand or more for a big-screen television are far, far behind us now, but the market is wide and not all TVs are made the same. There are a few features, namely the different panel types and software ecosystems, that you’ll want to factor into your budget to get the best TV you can afford.

If you don’t need the latest bleeding-edge panel technologies, then a standard LED television should suit you just fine, and you’ll see this type the most among these 70-inch TV deals. All of them will be 4K Ultra HD resolution in this size category, too, so that’s not something you should have to worry about (HD 720p and Full HD 1080p are only found on smaller TVs nowadays). You’ll find plenty of 4K TV deals for less than $1,000 as well, and even some in the $500-$600 bracket from high-value brands like Vizio, TCL, and Hisense. New 8K TVs are also hitting the market, but they are prohibitively expensive at the moment and we don’t recommend them for most people just yet.

If you’re willing to pay more, then you should consider opting for advanced panel technologies. In this case, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for OLED TV deals and QLED TV deals when shopping through any online 70-inch TV sales. These displays are most often found on TVs from higher-end brands like LG, Sony, and Samsung, although some budget makers like Vizio also offer lines that utilize these panels. Naturally, you’ll pay an extra premium to get one of these televisions, and it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether or not it’s worth it.

So what advantages do OLED and QLED panels give you? In a word, these screens employ unique backlighting that results in improved brightness, color accuracy, and contrast over standard LED panels, although the two technologies are quite different. QLED, or quantum-dot light-emitting diode, was pioneered by Sony and uses small light-catching nanoparticles that amplify the light of the LED. This creates a brighter, more vibrant picture. QLED TVs are more expensive than LED TVs but generally cheaper than OLED panels.

OLED, or organic light-emitting diode, was introduced by LG, and this is the only company that makes OLED panels. Any OLED TVs you see from other brands have panels made by LG. OLED is vastly different from LED and QLED panels in that it doesn’t feature traditional “backlighting” at all (with lights behind or on the sides of the panel illuminating the screen), but instead employs individual particles that light up independent of each other. This means that an OLED panel can create true blacks by having parts of the panel not illuminated at all, such as during dark scenes, creating deep contrast along with excellent color accuracy. If you want to see a deep-dive into the details of these advanced panel types, check out our QLED vs. OLED TV run-down for more information.

Once you understand at least the basics of panel types and which is best for your needs and budget, your final consideration before diving into any 70-inch TV sales should be your software. Virtually all modern TVs come with built-in internet connectivity (typically both ethernet and Wi-Fi) as well as pre-loaded streaming software. Some brands, such as Samsung, have their own streaming software ecosystems that they install on their TVs; others, like TCL or Toshiba, use third-party operating systems such as Android, Roku, or Amazon Fire.

Unless you are already tied to a particular streaming ecosystem, this isn’t something that should make or break any 70-inch TV deals for you. All of them, from Tizen and Android to Roku and Google, can run the most popular streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, and so on. Just because you use Prime Video a lot, to name one popular example, doesn’t mean you need to buy an Amazon Fire TV, as you can install and access Prime Video on virtually any name-brand smart television. Many even come with the most popular streaming apps, such as Netflix, pre-installed. Our advice: If any of these 70-inch TV deals really jump out at you, don’t get tripped up if its software isn’t familiar to you. Just check and see that it’s compatible with your favorite services and content libraries (chances are it is), which should be stated right in the product description.