Best Black Friday Powerbeats Pro Deals for November 2021

Beats by Dre offers trendy and stylish headphones in a range of colors and distinctive, eye-catching designs. The iconic Powerbeats Pro earbuds offer exceptional bassy Beats sound in a convenient wireless package that’s easy to pair with Apple devices. Yet, they’re expensive, unless you can find the best Powerbeats Pro deals, which may not be so difficult now that retailers are offering Black Friday Powerbeats Pro deals earlier than ever this year. If the Beats by Dre aren’t your thing, you can always peruse the latest Black Friday headphones deals!

To be honest, there’s no single retailer offering the best deals on Beats by Dre headphones right now. You’ll find some great discounts in the latest Walmart Black Friday deals, and Amazon Black Friday deals. There are even some excellent Beats by Dre deals floating around in the latest Best Buy Black Friday deals. Of course, we’ve made things a lot easier by compiling the best Powerbeats Pro deals below. Don’t worry, we’ve included a lot of those Black Friday Powerbeats Pro deals, as well, so you can be sure you’re getting the absolute best price.

Best cheap Powerbeats Pro deals

Why shop Black Friday Powerbeats Pro deals today?

Okay, these Black Friday deals are available super early. Earlier than ever this year, actually. What’s going on, and why would anyone shop right now? There are sure to be some even better Black Friday Powerbeats Pro deals later, like in November or on Cyber Monday?

No, there probably won’t be better deals, and we don’t recommend waiting. With the microchip shortages, inventory shortages, and supply chain issues abound, it’s possible we may see a lot of high-demand items out of stock. Even worse, the closer we get to the holidays the more likely we’ll see shipping delays, meaning you may not receive items on time. Even if you find the absolute lowest and best Powerbeats Pro deals later, it’s not going to matter if the items aren’t available or they don’t make it to you before the holidays, especially if they’re a gift!

There’s virtually no risk when buying early either because retailers are honoring price drops all throughout the holidays. Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee means if you buy something now and it drops even lower later, you can get a refund for the price difference. Comparably, Amazon extended its return window until January 2022, for all items purchased during the holidays. You can return and rebuy at the lower price if need be.

Powerbeats Pro

The crème de la crème of the Powerbeats lineup is the Powerbeats Pro. These earphones are some of the most popular choices to use with Apple devices thanks to their easy pairing and great sound. In our review of the Powerbeats Pro we praised their battery life, great sound, solid construction, and stylish design.

Talking about the battery, the earbuds themselves will last for 8-9 hours of playback, and the case gives another astonishing 24 hours of charge. The case is chunky — notably larger than cases for alternative buds like the Apple AirPods — but when it carries so much extra battery, we can’t be mad about that. The buds offer great audio as well, with Beats’ signature thumping bass which is ideal for those who enjoy a bit of boost to the bottom range.

The buds are slickly designed and comfortable, with a slim housing and impressively light weight so they’ll sit comfortably in your ears. To help with this, the earhooks allow your buds to stay firmly in place even if you’re moving around, which makes these ideal for working out as well as for commuting or use when out and about or at home. And they come with four pairs of eartips so you can find the perfect fit for you.

The reason these are favorites among Apple users isn’t only the easy pairing with Apple devices — there’s also integration with Siri, which you can launch by simply saying, “Hey Siri.” And they have great call quality once they are paired, making these buds a solid all-round choice for users of all kinds.

Powerbeats 3

If you want the Powerbeats experience but you haven’t the cash for the Powerbeats Pro, then often you’ll find deals on the more affordable Powerbeats 3. These sporty headphones have a similar styling and bass-heavy sound, but unlike the true wireless Pros, these are wireless headphones with a cord between the two ear pieces. You’ll find similar ear hooks to keep them in place though, making these also a great choice for working out.

The Powerbeats 3 have a pretty impressive battery life of 12 hours, however, the carrying case they come in doesn’t act as a charging case so you’ll need to plug your headphones in to recharge them in between uses. The sound quality on the Powerbeats 3s just isn’t as good as what you’ll get from Powerbeats Pros, though you will get a lot of the same thumping bass if that’s what you’re after. The Powerbeats 3 do offer upsides, though, like a rock-solid connection which is more stable than the occasionally finicky Pros.

In our comparison of the Powerbeats 3s and the Powerbeats Pros, we had to say that the Pros came out firmly on top. But if you’re hoping to score a cheap Powerbeats Pro deal, you might want to consider the more affordable Powerbeats 3s.

Powerbeats 4

Finally, one more option to consider when you’re looking for Powerbeats Pro deals is the Powerbeats 4. These updates to the Powerbeats 3 impress with their secure fit and water and sweat resistance, making them a popular choice for sports. In our review of the Powerbeats 4 we praised the improved battery life of an impressive 15 hours and the excellent wireless range, making these easy to use even when your device is in another room.

The design is updated, too, though the similar shape and style remains, and you’ll find the heavy bass that you expect from Beats. This model was actually launched at a cheaper base price than the Powerbeats 3s, making them a great value choice, so if you see a deal on them you may wish to snap them up.